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Bias in the politicking
Published 8/22/2013 6:00:00 AM
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The column "Politically clowning around" is an example of exaggerated expression that is not representative of what I consider high journalistic standards.

The column contains such phrases as: publicly disrespectful, attitude of hostility, completely unwarranted, transcends other offenses toward political figures, encouragement of physical injury, threaten his safety, hate and social courtesies.

The article then makes a possible slanderous remark: "...but threatening them for their political beliefs is unacceptable".

The clown stunt was not an act of threatening the President.

The phrases used above would be more suitable to the movie, "Death of a President," in which the producers mocked the fictional assassination of President George W. Bush. This movie actually does transcend other offenses towards political figures.

The producers were never investigated by the Secret Service and the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People never contacted the Department of Justice to investigate. This movie was more suggestive of a threat than an effigy being run over by a bull.

I went through the archives of the Evergreen for December, 2006, the month and year the movie came out, and guess what I did not find? I did not find any articles written by journalism students in the defense of George W. Bush.

I am sure MSNBC will hire the author after graduation. She can simply show up with her column and she might be employed.

Steve King
Pullman Resident

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