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WSU home games should stay at home
Published 10/18/2012 6:00:00 AM
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Now that the Seattle game is over did you notice how quiet Pullman was and how the tills of the cash registers were visibly silent?

The idea of playing one home game there every year, especially a PAC-12 league game, should stop.

Now that WSU has guaranteed TV money, let’s get the game back where it belongs - Martin Stadium. Merchants, Pullman Chamber of Commerce and Better Business Bureau, how much money comes into Pullman for every home game? Mayor Glenn Johnson, wouldn’t you like your businesses and voters to have that extra cash in Pullman than in Seattle?

I am a season ticket holder and travel to many WSU games every year, but I would rather spend my cash in Pullman than in Seattle. I’m very happy that the games are no longer played in Spokane like they used to be, and I lived there. College athletics should and need to be played on campus as it gives us the field advantage. Teams don’t want to play here and that gives us more reason to put them on our field.

Bill Moos, what are the costs to fly the team to a home game, put them in hotels, cater to them, transport them to and from, with police motorcycle escort, along with all the staff, band and higher up in the administration?

Bottom line, WSU is in Pullman and not Seattle, we need to play here, spend here and win here. Show off our remodel, shake hands and slap back here Mr. Moos, and the rest will come.

Sam Gilbert WSU alumnus'89

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Posted: 10/19/2012 11:11:55 AM

A. N. Ruderman

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