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The Moral Compass: Root for the New York Giants
The Moral Compass is a football fan, but he is not a fan of cheaters.
Published 2/4/2012
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There is a reason why God gets Sunday off. It is because he is a football fan and loves the Super Bowl.

But between the two teams competing in this year’s Super Bowl, which one should you root for: the New England Patriots or the New York Giants? Believe it or not, The Moral Compass has an answer to that question.

Head Coach Tom Coughlin of the Giants is known as something of a dictator when it comes to his coaching style. So is Patriots Head Coach Bill Belichick. But at least Coughlin has never been caught cheating.

When one of his video assistants was caught illegally videotaping the other New York football team, the Jets, Belichick came forward and accepted responsibility. He immediately apologized for the actions and took the blame – and the hefty fine that accompanied it.

This is not acceptable behavior from a sports coach. We are all taught as kids that cheating is not allowed in sports, usually from our head coaches. As a coach at the professional level, Belichick should know better than to break this cardinal rule.

Unfortunately, Belichick isn’t the only Patriot to have displayed questionable moral judgment. The Patriots have another type of “cheater” on their team.

Patriots star quarterback Tom Brady used to date actress Bridget Moynahan. The two broke-up at the end of 2006, right when Moynahan became pregnant with Brady’s child and when Brady was first seen in the company of his new girl, supermodel Gisele Bundchen.

While Bundchen could tempt even The Moral Compass, it is hard to forgive infidelity. It is even harder to forgive leaving a woman when she is pregnant with your child.

Forget all the statistics. On a strictly ethical and moral level, one cannot root for the Patriots. It might be patriotic to do so, but ethics and morals are more important than patriotism.

As hard as it is for me as a 49ers fan to say it, you should root for the New York Giants this Sunday. Besides, I think the Giants are simply a better, more well-rounded team.

Until next time, don’t do anything The Moral Compass wouldn’t approve of. And enjoy the game!

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