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The Editorial board is too biased toward democrats
Published 10/25/2012 6:00:00 AM
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I have been deeply disappointed in the single-mindedness of the endorsements of The Daily Evergreen for this year's elections. If my memory is correct, the editorial page has not once strayed from the platform of the Washington State Democratic Party in its endorsements.

It has called for Democratic candidates to be elected for Senator and Congress and has fallen on the Democratic side on every initiative or referendum, frowning on charter schools and limits to tax increases while approving marijuana legalization and same-sex marriage. And while individual columnists have put forth differing views, the editorial board has remained stubbornly liberal.

WSU is a diverse campus, full of people of all different backgrounds. It deserves a newspaper that is fair minded and pragmatic. The Daily Evergreen has not shown that it is either of these things.

Our university deserves better.

Jansen VanderMeulen, freshman spanish major

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