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Students swap clothes on Earth Day
Passersby were encouraged to make simple pledges to be more environmentally friendly.
Published 4/23/2012
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Tables piled with gently used clothing lined the Glenn Terrell Mall Friday afternoon. Members of the ASWSU Environmental Task Force, the Environmental Science Club and Wellbeing sported bright green T-shirts and manned those tables in celebration of Earth Day.

Avista Utilities provided passersby with free energy-saving fluorescent light bulbs. Members of Oceana, an international ocean conservation organization, asked people to sign a petition against off-shore drilling for oil.A board was made for posting people's green pledges, which are promises to be more environmentally friendly. Brightly colored pieces of paper with phrases like "Turning the water off while brushing teeth," were passed out for others to read and be inspired by.

The clothing swap that took place that afternoon grabbed many peoples'attention.

Taya Brown, a senior organic agriculture and biology major, said she came to the Earth Day event specifically for the clothing swap.

“I think (the clothing swap idea) is super cool,"she said."There's a lot of things that people are getting rid of — I mean there's a lot of good clothes here. I think it's the kind of thing we can do once or twice a semester.”

Marina Smouse, a junior organic agriculture major, said she came to the event because she was interested in seeing what was going to be offered.

“(Being economically friendly) is what I'm interested in,"Smouse said."I'm pretty eco-minded; I try to do what I can. I would love to get involved with what's going on here.”

Jamie Bentley, Environmental Wellbeing coordinator, said the turnout was better than they expected.

“There's been tons of students here checking out all the vendors on the outside,” Bentley said. “I'm really excited to look over and see how many pledges there are on the Earth Day board ... It's been a really fantastic day.”

Information about environmental protection was displayed on tables in a large circle. The clothing swap was situated in the middle where people could bring in donations. Those who did not bring in donations were still allowed to take an item.

“The students and the student groups did a fantastic job getting donations from some local thrift stores and from themselves, and we've had some people come and bring clothes,” Bentley said. “I'm really excited with the amount of clothing that we have now.”

Brown said WSU students dug deep to discover what Earth Day really means. It is a day when people can be more mindful about the amount of resources used on a regular basis, she said.

Bentley said she thinks people will see that Earth Day is more than about getting free stuff.

“There's a reason we're doing this,” Bentley said. “I hope people will take home some education and a new-to-them shirt.”

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