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Sports Weekly Wrap-Up
The Sports Editor of the Daily Evergreen goes over some of the major sports events of the past week
Published 2/3/2012
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It’s Friday.

You’re tired, and just thankful that it’s nearly the end of a long school/work week. So let’s get the juices flowing.




Did that do the trick? Better hope so, it's time for another installment of the weekly wrap-up.


 Some of you old schoolers and purists believe that the Griffin dunk is in fact, not a dunk.

You people need to shut up and quit sippin'on that haterade.

Unlike his previous dunk where he literally threw the ball in the hoop,Griffin’s fingers do touch the rim. In my book, that is a dunk. If your hand or fingers ever make contact with the rim, and the intent to dunk is obviously there, it’s a dunk.

Plus, why even argue about this? It was cool to see and I'm glad there are walking highlight reels like Blake Griffin.


Anyway, very busy week for Cougar athletics.

 It's been tough for Cougar basketball as of late. After a very encouraging two wins at home against the top two Pac-12 teams at the time, Stanford and Cal, the Cougs lost two very winnable games and lost a key player in the process.

 Faisal Aden’s season ended last Saturday after he tore his left ACL on a fast break. It was plain to see via replay that something definitely got injured,Aden’s knee nearly bent 90 degrees the wrong way.

Meanwhile, they took a one conference win USC team to the wire. Thanks to another amazing game by Brock Motum, the Cougs were able to hang on to a 60-53 win. 

 Players like Brock Motum, Reggie Moore, and Abe Lodwick will have to keep stepping up their leadership as well as their play on the court if the Cougs hope to have any chance at competing for the rest of the season against much better Pac-12 opponents.

 Other Coug news includes the future of Cougar football.

Wednesday was National Letter of Intent signing day for high school seniors. Mike Leach was at a bit of a disadvantage with only about two solid months of recruiting compared to the rest of the retained Pac-12 coaches who had a year.

According to, WSU had the worst draft class out of the Pac-12, but that doesn't mean we can't go crazy over four-star WR recruit Gabriel Marks: (highlights start at :27)



 Or go crazy over sack-machine Jeremiah Allison. (63 sacks throughout his high school career)



But after those two recruits, the rest are kind of average. There are a few other notable recruits, but if you want a rundown of the entire signing day for the Cougs, check out my feature of it on here. 

Moving on from the non-paying level (kind of) to the pros (way over-paid level), the NHL All-Star Game took place as well as the NFL Pro Bowl game, but you all probably knew that right? Right?....

Ok maybe not, but if you had to choose which game to watch, which one would you pick?

The obvious answer might be the Pro-Bowl, but honestly, do you really want to watch guys go at it half speed and play touch football?

NHL might even be a worse answer since, well, lets not kid ourselves, you don't watch hockey. So what is the fun in an All-Star game to a sport you don't even watch?

Zero fun.

So here we have a dilemma.

Choosing between the two is like picking who is the better Republican candidate, Mitt Rommey or Newt Gingrich? They are both horrible. You really can't go wrong if you just flipped a coin. 

Same with the NHL All-Star Game and the NFL Pro Bowl.

 My analysis of the situation? I prayed to God reruns of Scrubs or How I met Your Mother was on TV, and I'm a big fan of both hockey and football.


Finally we go from the most irrevelant football game ever played, to the most relevant one. The Super Bowl. The Rematch.

Eli going for his second SB win in his brother's backyard, Indianapolis. Belichick and Brady going for god only knows how many SB wins.

Speaking of Belichick, why was he happy during media day? Seeing a smile on his face is both the most creepy and astonishing things I have ever seen. 


I thought he had a permanent scowl on his face. Something he had to do, along with selling his soul for all his football related success.

Enough bashing though. For a complete preview please visit here.

It is so hard to predict a winner for this game. On one hand, I want Eli and the Giants to win since we would have to suffer through 2 months of analysts trying to figure out who the better QB is, Eli or Peyton? I'd rather hear more about Brett Favre comebacks than that.

Then again, I don't want to hear about Brett Favre or see that creepy smile of Belichick. 

Praying for a Giants victory, 30-23.

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