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Seahawks Sherman Trashes Patriots Brady
Published 10/18/2012 6:00:00 AM
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The Seattle Seahawks No. 1 defense prevailed against the New England Patriots No. 1 offense last Sunday. In the game, the young team with potential defeated the perennial contender.

That should be enough, right?

Apparently despite the win, Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman was not satisfied. After he claimed to have taunted quarterback Tom Brady all game, Sherman posted a picture on his Twitter page showing him talking to Brady after the game. The picture caption read, “U Mad Bro?”

The Seahawks defensive star did not stop there, though. He continued by calling out the entire Patriots offense.

“Any time you run a gimmick offense you’re a little bit afraid, you’re not sound in what you’re doing in your base stuff,” Sherman said on “You’re running this hurry-up stuff, and there’s a reason it’s not effective, because there are great defenses out there who will stuff it.”

Sherman recently removed the picture from Twitter, trying to make amends for his comments during and after the game. This situation exemplifies the important difference between competition and classlessness.

For one thing, if the Patriots offense is a “gimmick,” that doesn’t say much about Sherman’s talent. Who cares if he stopped Brady’s scared group of teammates? According to him, they aren’t that good.

Secondly, teams don’t run the “hurry-up” offense because they lack solid fundamentals. The hurry-up strategy actually requires perfect fundamentals and effective communication. The Patriots use it because they can handle it and want to challenge opposing defenses.

The Seahawks have a phenomenal defense this year. The Patriots knew that and attempted to use their hurry-up scheme in the loud Seattle stadium. But, New England only hurried up on about 25 percent of their plays Sunday, so Sherman made incorrect statements.

The Patriots conducted the majority of their offensive plays in the same manner the Seahawks did. Predominantly, that’s the type of offense Seattle’s defense faces. Logically, Sherman just called his own team’s offense a gimmick too.

Forgetting Sherman for a moment, Brady added another interesting piece to this conflict. He claimed he never met Sherman after the game, and he couldn’t remember what was said during the game because he wasn’t focused on it.

“Everyone’s entitled to their opinions,” Brady said during an interview on WEEI radio. “If someone wants to say something about our team or our offense or whatever someone wants to say, that’s their opinion.”

Brady’s response illustrates the difference between a second-year player and a seasoned veteran. Brady has won and lost on the biggest stage in the NFL, and Sherman has not. The fact the Seahawks managed to defeat the Patriots shows Seattle has a legitimate chance at making the playoffs.

Perhaps these two teams will meet again in the Super Bowl, which would give Sherman a chance to handle himself a little more maturely. However, the season is long, and there are plenty of games left that will determine which team truly is the best.

“That’s what the great ones do,” Brady said. “You win or lose, you’ve got to move on. You can’t sit here and let a loss linger for three or four days, and you can’t celebrate a win for three or four days.”

If a gimmick offense makes it to the Super Bowl again, maybe fans will have to question the integrity of the league. Or maybe it will just prove players should keep their mouths shut until they have a full season to support what they say.

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