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Res halls messy and crowded
Columnist says, get out of the residence halls while you still can
Published 2/29/2012
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It's that time of year where students start considering next year's housing options. Freshmen are faced with the decision of whether or not to stay in the dorms for another year. From my personal experience, move out while you can.

I couldn't get out of the dorms fast enough. Spending my freshman year in Scott-Coman, I was lucky enough not to be stationed in the dreadful Stephenson Towers, however, my dorm was not perfect. Scott-Coman is a co-ed dorm with two boys'floors and two girls' floors each. Sharing a floor with 30 other girls, while I'm sure is loads better than sharing with 30 other guys, was no picnic in the park.

Freshmen girls are extremely messy. What I disliked the most about dorm life was sharing bathroom stalls with other people. When girls came back from parties every weekend, their lack of judgment made them forget their used feminine products on the ground. Most of the students on my floor had long dark hair as well and these strands would make their way into the drains of showers. There were days when the drain looked like some furry creature died on top of it.

The laundry room was the second messiest room shared between all of us girls. The dryer vent always had fuzz left in it from someone else's load. We were able to have a microwave on our floor and this beautiful piece of technology was kept in the laundry room as well. Every time I would go to use it, some type of goo was hardened on the plate. Disgusted, I usually had to clean the microwave every time I wanted to use it.

Coman has a tiny kitchen on the ground floor. This was nice for when we wanted to make something on the stove, but other than that, it wasn't used much. It caused more problems than anything else since it set off the fire alarm five or six times at every hour of the morning.

So for those of you freshman considering staying where you're at, don't. The money you save alone is worth the pain of moving. In a dorm, not only do you have to pay living expenses for the actual dorm, you have to get an RDA plan, adding an extra $900 onto whichever meal plan you get. The apartment I currently have, while on the more expensive side of places offered in Pullman, still saved me a few thousand dollars.

Don't spend another year in an on-campus dorm when you can save money with an apartment. You will get your own space and privacy and the only people you have to be responsible for is yourself and the roommates of your choice. It's a better deal in the long run.

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