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Moscow restaurant specializes in cereals and sandwiches
Published 9/19/2012 6:00:00 AM
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A colorful wall of cereal dispensers welcomes customers to a Moscow restaurant, where they can relive their childhood by filling their bowls with sugary nostalgia.

Newly opened Insanewich, a combination cereal bar and sandwich shop, provides the community with 20 kinds of cereal as well as a selection of high-quality sandwich materials to allow customers creative reign over their meals.

Juliette Do, co-owner of Insanewich, said at first the focus of the shop was going to be around sandwiches. The other owner, Doug Hall, added the cereal bar.

“Doug thought, since we would be right across the street from the university and there were a lot of other cereal bars popping up in trendy spots like New York and San Francisco, it would be a nice combo, especially in Moscow,” Do said.

A cereal bar is a fun way to bring different levels of taste to the table, Hall said. He also said people do not tend to mix cereals at home because they usually don't have access to the wide variety that a shop would provide.

“To do that, you got to have access to a lot of cereal real quick, you know, within easy hand reach,” he said. “You need employees that could encourage it because people aren't educated on it. So that's why we have that computer screen up there. It's going to flash the'mix-n-munch'of the day, you know, try these cereals.”

The owners took the time to do their research in town before opening up shop.

“We actually went and weighed every sandwich and component of each sandwich in this town, and there's really no one else that even touches us on quantity or quality, and we hear that again and again,” Do said.

But to Hall and Do, owning the shop is about more than just sandwiches or cereal. The owners are looking to enhance the Palouse community with their business by supporting local charities.

Some of these acts of charity include hosting cereal parties for children who need a meal and letting employees pick a monthly charity to support.

“That's one thing we spent a lot of time on — not just wanting to be in a business to be in business — but to make a difference,” Hall said. “We're planning on not just writing a check but having our associates actively involved in the community with charities.”

The Insanewich owners will eventually tie technology into customers'experiences, as well.

“We eventually hope to have tablets mounted on every table where people can check their emails, play games, watch Hulu, do whatever they want,” Do said. “This is something we can offer as a very unique experience and a lot of convenience and fun entertainment.”

Besides the tablets, Insanewich will incorporate iPads and smart phones. They will be used to give customers paperless receipts and a way to pay without ever taking out their wallets.

Cameron Lorbiecki, evening shift manager, said people have been interested in the signs out front, the paperless register system and the menus.

“The curiosity level here is through the roof,” he said.

Lorbiecki said his favorite part about this business is it allows a unique sandwich shop to rise up among the bigger franchises.

“You can have that dream sandwich, that, you know, maybe your kitchen doesn't have all those ingredients,"he said."Well, here, we do.”

While he is looking forward to having a sandwich shop, Lorbiecki said adding a cereal bar to this business was the kicker.

“Layer your cereal,"he said."That is by far the best thing I could recommend."


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