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Metal sculptor featured in Colfax
The monthly Meet the Artist event series started in 2008 and features local artists of all mediums.
Published 3/1/2012
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Jennifer Rod, a metal sculptor from Moscow, will be featured at Colfax's monthly "Meet the Artist" event Thursday in the Colfax library at 7 p.m. 

Rod said she originally started out as a painter but switched to create metal sculptures.

“I had a dog that died and I wanted to make some of my drawings of her kind of come to life in some way. If I made them out of steel, it would be a dog that never went away,” Rod said.

Rod now makes pieces based on requests she gets from Palouse locals. Both types of art will be featured at this week's program. Rod will be discussing her artwork as well as answering questions from the public.

“I'm always pleased to show people my art, to tell them about it, to help them with their way,” Rod said. “I like seeing how other people do what they do, and (“Meet the Artist” is) a good opportunity to meet some different people and show them what I do.”

According to Debi Anderson, Colfax Arts Council President, the "Meet the Artist" series started in 2008 with a watercolor painter.

Since then, the series has featured creators of music, poetry, novels, paintings, quilts and many other mediums of art, said Emily Adams, a member of the Colfax Arts Council.

Adams and Anderson both said they are eager to see what is in store for Thursday's event.

“I'm really quite curious about a woman who can take sheets of steel and turn them into lovely things ... I'm really impressed,” Adams said.

Those who may be curious and want to take a sneak peak at Rod's artwork can go to the library where her paintings and sculptures are already being featured. Those paintings on display were created during her art residency at Jentel in Sheridan, Wyoming.

Anderson said the Colfax Arts Council holds the "Meet the Artist" series in order to create connections between the public and the artist. The council picks each month's nominee to be featured in the event.

Adams said Rod was chosen because a metal sculptor has never been featured before and the committee found her work unique. 

Anyone can become a featured artist as long as they live in the region.

“Sometimes (they are) people we know, sometimes (they are) people that we hear about,” Adams said.

Adams said this series provides great opportunities for community members and artists alike. The art council hosts two main events designed to bridge the gap between artwork and the community — the "Meet the Artist" series and a banner painting contest.

"Meet the Artist" exposes the creator to the public and lets them communicate with the Palouse residents. 

“It's an informal way for the community and the artists to interact,” Anderson said.

People interested in art, or even people specifically interested in metal sculpting are encouraged to attend this month's "Meet the Artist" event in order to learn more about Rod and her work.

This event is free and open to the public. 



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