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Letters to the Editor: response to gubernatorial endorsement
Published 11/5/2012 6:00:00 AM
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Despite the clarification run in The Daily Evergreen’s Friday paper, their editorial regarding Washington's gubernatorial race contained several factual inaccuracies and misleading statements. They are as follows:

1. The editorial listed, "legalization of marijuana," under both candidates'social issues section that is false. Neither candidate for governor supports the legalization of marijuana. Both oppose Initiative 502 which would legalize, regulate and tax marijuana.

2. The editorial listed Rob McKenna as, "pro-life." That is false. He has said time and again that he is pro-choice and supports mandating that emergency contraception (AKA the "Morning After" pill) be sold in all pharmacies.

3. The editorial said Rob McKenna has run a, "one-issue campaign," focused on the economy. Anyone who has paid the slightest bit of attention to the governor's race knows that this is false. McKenna's main focus has been education, not the economy.

Clearly, this newspaper cannot be relied upon to publish accurate and unbiased information. It is up to readers to inform themselves.

Jansen VanderMeulen

Freshman Spanish major


Editors should not use the legalization of marijuana and I-502 as a joke to make creative headlines. For many WSU students and citizens of Washington State this is a very serious issue.

On Friday Nov. 2, one of the headlines on the front page read “I-502 is'a sticky situation’ for colleges. On October 19th the headline read “Experts hash out pot law.” Newspapers engaged in similar tactics when California attempted to legalize marijuana. When the bill did not get passed the main headline in the media was “It went up in smoke.”

I have enjoyed your newspaper more this year than last and every person I have talked to says it has improved. However, this is a huge mistake and one that is a disservice to the community.

I would encourage your staff to understand that this is a serious issue and making it into a joke encourages people to think about marijuana prohibition in a similar way.


Austin Lersten
communication major


The Daily Evergreen has sunk to a new low with its endorsement of Jay Inslee.

It is not the fact that you agreed with Inslee’s policies and disagreed with McKenna’s that disturbs me.
Rather your gross mischaracterization of facts makes me question the thought and research that went into your endorsement.

You said that McKenna was running a, “one-issue campaign,” around the economy. If you had bothered to watch any of the debates or look on his campaign website you would find that he has put a large emphasis on education and increasing state funding for it is something you failed to recognize. Even one of your reporters mentioned in a separate article in today’s paper that McKenna was campaigning for higher education.

You also claimed that Rob McKenna is pro-life, he is in fact pro-choice. You also said that McKenna and Inslee supported the legalization of marijuana when both have said they do not.

I completely respect that you may in fact like Jay Inslee more than Rob McKenna, but if you are going to endorse him at least do some research and know what the candidate’s stand for. This article was an unfortunate example of poor research and journalism and I expect more of the paper that claims to be my student voice.

Isaac Becker
Junior civil engineering major


While not surprising in its endorsement, I feel compelled to respond to some of the editorial board’s factual inaccuracies and generalizations in supporting Inslee for governor. 

You cite that McKenna will decrease regulation and cut taxes on small businesses. While structurally your statement was valid, it will hardly be, “faulty and doomed,” as you claim. 

McKenna’s plan includes business and occupation tax credits to small businesses that allow them flexibility to hire workers. Decreasing regulation means finding loopholes in the current system that are unnecessary and put burdens on businesses from operating. These are things that business owners have asked for themselves on the campaign trail.

Inslee’s approach to Washington is called, “refreshingly practical”. After 28 years of democratic governors, over eight percent unemployment and a court order to fund education, I find it laughable to call Inslee a practical choice. There is zero mention of higher education, embarrassing for a school publication. You call McKenna’s campaign, “one-issued,” ignoring the article from the same day touting his tour stop in Pullman on higher education.

Perhaps most absurd is your insinuation on McKenna’s social stances. McKenna is a pro-choice Republican who supports the rights of the voters on gay marriage. 

I do agree with your final testament. Let’s not further jeopardize the well-being of our state with more of the failed policies of the past. Please vote informed, vote McKenna for Governor for a new direction in Washington state leadership.

Arthur Whitten
Junior political science major

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