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It is time for us to move on
This columnist says it is time for WSU head coach Ken Bone to leave
Published 2/29/2012
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For all the negativity Cougar fans gave Paul Wulff, he was not exactly a slouch at recruiting. Jeff Tuel, Sekope Kaufusi and Marquess Wilson can back me up on that. 

Furthermore, Wulff inherited one of the most bankrupt BCS Division-I college football programs in the last decade. Do not get me wrong, I am glad to have Mike Leach as our coach, but I thought Cougar fans were ridiculously impatient with Wulff: it would be like if someone gave you popsicle sticks and Elmer’s glue and expected you too build a mansion in four years. 

But where Cougar fans were too hard on Wulff, I think we have been too easy on Ken Bone.

He has taken a program that the Bennett’s built into a very respectable standing in the Pac-10 and turned it into a team that is not only as unentertaining as the Bennett’s gritty defensive teams, but rarely gets the “W” to redeem the boredom.

It is mind-blowing to me that he has failed to land another DeAngelo Casto-like big-man in the three years he has been here. I applaud the effort our team always plays with, but it is hard to win enough games to make the NCAA tournament when you are constantly physically and athletically out-matched in the paint. 

His biggest name recruit in three years has been Reggie Moore.  We are still waiting for him to live up to the hype and I do not think he ever will.  He is a functional role player who can run the point, but he is not nearly the playmaker or scorer he was expected to be.

I did Reggie’s profile for The Daily Evergreen when he first came to Pullman. He told me he was a music major. I asked him what instrument he played. He said he did not play one.

I think that says a lot about why he has not improved much in his three years here.  He is not very motivated to go through the growing pains of learning a craft. I hope he proves me wrong in his senior season.  

Bone’s failure to keep Klay Thompson and Casto in Pullman does not help his case either to stay much longer either. Tony Bennett left him with some top-of the line toys to play with and he failed to take care of them.  When three of your starters get caught with marijuana on three separate occasions in one season, some of that blame has to fall on the head coach. 

In my opinion, WSU should have had two more NCAA tournament appearances last year and this year if even just Klay would’ve stayed.  But here we are praying that the NIT will have mercy on us tough-luck-Cougs and send us an invite.

Sorry Coach Bone, but Saturday’s disappointing loss to our rival Huskies was the moment I officially checked out with you as the Cougar basketball coach. 

But do not sweat it Mr. Moos, I have already got a replacement for Mr. Bone I think you will find really appealing — ex-Tennessee Coach Bruce Pearl. 

He is the Mike Leach of college basketball coaches. He even stood, dressed and acted like a student in the student section during Pat Summit’s all-time NCAA basketball wins record-breaking night. The Coug would be filled with debates of who the students love more — The Pirate or the Pearl.    



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