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Letter to the Editor: Friends stunned at state of Illia Dunes
Published 8/30/2012 6:00:00 AM
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A few friends and myself planned to go to the Dunes on Sunday Aug. 26.  

We were shocked upon arrival by the amount of trash that was in the parking lot. We figured the day before must have been a crazy-good time.  

We proceeded to make our way from the parking lot down the trail to the beach. Along the way, the scene just became grotesque as more and more garbage was just dumped along the trail.

As we emerged from the trail onto the beach, I was immediately taken back by the huge piles of trash everywhere on the beach. I don't mean just a few beer boxes here and there; I mean mounds that were 6 feet by 8 feet across and 3 feet by 4 feet tall across the whole beach.  

What is even sadder is that families who had come to enjoy their Sunday at the beach were picking up beer cans.  

Shortly after, the park rangers approached us and said they were closing the Dunes because of health and safety concerns because of the amount of trash on the beach.

Never have I been so ashamed in my fellow students. Their actions and irresponsibility of this past weekend may have jeopardized our future ability to enjoy the Dunes.  

Jess Small   

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