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Damaged door discourages student
Published 10/9/2012 6:00:00 AM
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Dear Editor,

Students entering or exiting Terrell Library from the mall in the past week have surely noticed the broken door on the left hand side.

As a student who uses this entrance daily, I’m getting increasingly annoyed with the giant sign directing people to not use the door because it’s broken.

While I commend WSU on their excellent sign making ability, similar to signs created for the financial aid crisis, I am frustrated with their lack of urgency in what seems like an easy fix.

I know this is picking on something rather small in comparison to the bigger picture. But, we are all paying enough money that if a main door in an entrance is broken it should be fixed within a week.


So please WSU, fix the small things, you at least owe us that.

Elise Rooney
Junior, communication

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