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Citizens do not have the right to marry
Published 9/27/2012 6:00:00 AM
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Letter to the Editor:

In response to The Daily Evergreen’s Referendum 74 article on Tuesday, what suppression?

Washington State Domestic Partnership laws already provide all the same rights and responsibilities to couples as a marriage does. In the eyes of the law, a domestic partnership is the same as a marriage, just a different name.

Do you have the right to marry whoever you love? According to the article “it is not within anyone’s rights to deny that.” So I can say I love Beyoncé and I have the right to marry her. In this context the state can’t deny that right, her husband can’t deny that right, even Beyoncé can’t deny that right.

Marriage requires the consent of two individuals. Your right to free speech does not require anyone’s consent. Your right to freedom of religion does not require anyone’s consent. A right is individual and does not require consent from anyone. Therefore, marriage is not a right.

Marriage licenses were created by racist southern Democrats to prevent blacks and whites from marrying. It is a gross abuse of power by the government. While the racial aspect of these laws has been eliminated, why would you support a law with such a racist, prejudicial, and discriminatory legacy? Instead support a referendum that eliminates state control of marriage licenses altogether.

As for sources, the use of a disproved study from one of the most bias, partisan, ideologically corrupt source like the Huffington Post is dishonest. That’s like using Fox News or Rush Limbaugh as a source. What a joke.

Michael Nealey

Senior, Mechanical Engineering

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